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If it’s processing equipment, DB Tech makes it, or has the right sources to get what you need. Affordably!  From an off-the-shelf pump to a fully-validated, custom-designed, completely-turnkey, automated batch making system, DB Tech has the solution you need.
DB Tech represents Azo Liquids here in North America.  Azo manufactures excellent vacuum process vessels and in-line homogenizers.
Clients also look to DB Tech for jacketed & non-jacketed tanks, CIP skids, heat exchanger skids, ribbon blenders, bag and liquid dump stations, drum dumpers, hoppers, manifolds, and bakery and brewery equipment.  We have great sources for all types of ancillary equipment like pumps, load cells, valves, pipe & tube, and instrumentation.
Our special partnership with Rockwell Automation, allows us to seamlessly integrate into existing control systems, or provide standalone automated or manual controls.