What we provide is in our name…SOLUTIONS.


In the food, pharma and personal care manufacturing industries, DB Tech gets called in when a manufacturing issue needs solving.
If the client already knows what they need, we design, supply & install process equipment to overcome any obstacle or bottle neck.
For off-the-shelf items, our multi-source business model provides our clients with the right equipment, not just what a single-source supplier happens to have.  And our low overhead makes it affordable.
If the client doesn’t have a solution in mind to their issue, we are expert as assessing manufacturing operations and determining the best opportunity for improvement.  DB Tech provides clear and concise solutions thanks to innovative thinking and our combined decades of knowledge of manufacturing processes & equipment.
We design and install custom skids for CIP and heat exchange systems, mezzanines, piping, floor trough drains. robotic systems, material handling systems, and conveyors.